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Earn Free PLEX for Eve Online

Keep that pilot license valid! Eve Online has long been a top favorite amongst the team here at Coin2Earn, and we are happy to see pilots flying around with valid, PLEX filled accounts. Are you a miner? This website could be your best friend.

Cloaked on a gate and waiting for your latest pray? We can be your friend too! Here at Coin2Earn, you can play the game and earn your PLEX while you do it! Complete simple tasks, do surveys, play mobile games, and watch videos. They all earn you the coins needed to redeem more PLEX!

I spend a lot of my time in game clearing out astroid belts, so being able to get my plex for free while still playing sounded like a good idea. I haven't paid for any of them since I signed up. - BeltiousStripious

You got to this page because you heard about the wonderful opportunities provided here. The least you can do is give it a try to say you didn't like it. If you decide to stick around, join us in discord and help new players. It would mean the world to us!

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The Offer Wall

Earn Coin by completing offers and playing mobile games!

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Earn Coin by completing offers and playing mobile games!

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Earn unlimited Coin by watching videos! Run them in the background!