Coin2Earn - Frequently Asked Questions

Coin2Earn Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Coin2Earn?

A. Coin2Earn is an easy to use website designed to help players pay for games they enjoy, along with a wide selection of other rewards. Here, you can complete tasks, complete surveys, play mobile games, and watch videos to earn Coin.

Q. What Is Coin?

A. Coin is the currency used here at Coin2Earn. Coin can be used to redeem rewards. We have a large selection of rewards and continue to add more payout methods all the time!

Q. Can I Really Get Rewards And Pay For My Game Memberships?

A. Absolutely! We created this website after successfully doing the same exact thing for a specific MMORPG market, so we know it works! Users can, and do earn enough Coin every month to pay for their monthly memberships to their favorite games. They also earn enough extra each month to get additional rewards. As an example, users are able to pay for their Runescape bonds each month, AND get other payouts like Pizza or Food gift cards.

Q. How Do I Collect My Rewards?

A. Once you have enough Coin for the reward you want, simply navigate to the reward page for the reward you would like. Make sure you are logged in. Initiate and select the reward details. Once created and paid for, the withdraw progress will start. Some items delivery is fully automated, some rewards will require meeting one of our staff in game. Regardless, all withdraws are first manually accepted. This process can take up to 48 hours, but usually will only require a few hours. Discord will be the best place to arrange meetup once your details have been gathered and approved.

Q. Why Is Some Of My Coin Not Available?

A. Every transaction on our website has a settling period of 30 days. This is imposed by the vendor, it's the time period they have to check for fraud and abuse. Once your Coin is older than 30 days, it can be used to collect a reward.

Q. Hideout TV is showing me gift cards instead of Coin2Earn, how do I fix it?

A.Recently Hideout changed how organic users view the website. Since your account is affiliated with Coin2Earn as a payout method, you should only see a list of vendors with out site included among them. To fix this. Log out. Clear your browser cache. and Click Here. Once you log back in you should see your normal withdraw options, including being able to choose Coin2Earn.

Q. I Need More Help, What Should I Do?

A. Discord is the best resource for getting you help quickly. Most of the users there know what's going on and can probably answer your questions. However, if you still need more help, you can submit a Support Ticket.